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Watch Marcia Rock’s newest short film, Soldiers Period

SOLDIERS PERIOD, a new short by Patricia Lee Stotter and Marcia Rock, is a response by women veterans to the claim that they can’t serve in elite combat forces because of PMS. The comments to which the women responded were quoted in a report, “Considerations for Integrating Women into Closed Occupations in the U.S. Special Operations,” written by the Rand National Defense Research Institute and included exten- sive interviews with Special Operations men on this topic.

From athletes at the Olympics to these women warriors, women are going public about menstruation. The rawness of the women’s responses reveals the misogynist nonsense they confronted while serving. Their responses were not scripted.

Here are a few preview comments:

Soldiers Period is a wildly hilarious short film that addresses a serious issue about wom- en in the military. This intimate and natural biological function has not stopped women from great achievements in all walks of life and especially serving with valor and distinction in the battlefield. I absolutely adore it. Can I show it at our women veterans summit in September?

Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos, Washington State VA

“It has great spirit…. Meanwhile, tell these women — if they don’t already know – that the days at the onset of menstruation are those in which the female hormone is at its lowest ebb; thus you mighty say that women are then the most like what men are like all month long! Gloria Steinem

This short evolved out of a documentary Rock/Stotter produced on women veterans transitioning from military to civilian life called, SERVICE: When Women Come March- ing Home. It aired across the country on PBS stations and The World Channel, servicethefilm.com. A bipartisan group of four women senators hosted a screening on the Hill.

Background: When the military opened all combat jobs to women in 2016, we asked our extensive social media network of women veterans to respond to the comments in the Rand report. We invited four of these women veterans to represent the others and respond on camera.


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